The Workshop

Wolfson 1

This workshop is aimed at researchers working in the development of quantum technologies using platforms based on photons in cavities. This covers a range of platforms which includes, among others, polaritons in semiconductor micro-cavities, circuit QED systems and atoms in cavities. All of these platforms offer a high degree of control over their elementary quantum systems of extended and interacting light-matter modes, allowing us to probe the intriguing physics which emerges in their collective dynamics.

Semiconductor microcavities are semiconductor heterostructures in which optical modes coherently mix with quantum well excitons forming polaritons. These boson-like interacting particles have been shown to undergo condensation, superfluidity, and rich hydrodynamics.

Superconducting circuits are highly coherent, cryogenic, Josephson junction based quantum circuits, which support both spin and bosonic excitations. It is possible to construct extended circuits which realise arrays of interacting bosonic modes with local and global probes and attached drives, as well as hybrid devices which could interface with topological superconductors and insulators.

The main objectives of the workshop are:

  • To review the state of the art in experiments on photons in cavities in various settings.
  • To discuss the theoretical concepts related to correlations and entanglement which can be realised in these systems.
  • To establish the extent to which these systems can be used for quantum computation, quantum simulation and other quantum technologies.