Welcome to the research group website of Quantum Collective Dynamics in Light-Matter Systems. We are a research group based in the department of physics at University College London, led by principal investigator Prof. Marzena Szymańska. Our research topics are concerned with the collective dynamics of systems composed of light and matter, including exciton-polaritons, cavity and cirquit quantum electrodynamics and cold atoms.

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Check our QuantERA funded project, the InterPol collaboration.

Research concepts:

  • far from equilibrium quantum collective phenomena
  • non-equilibrium dynamics
  • dissipative and driven quantum systems
  • light-matter interactions
  • non-equilibrium phase transitions
  • superfluidity
  • disorder
  • quantum coherence, decoherence and entanglement

Systems we are interested in:

  • semiconductor microcavities, quantum wells and wires, excitons, polaritons
  • circuit and cavity QED systems
  • ultra-cold atomic gases and Feshbach resonances
  • lasers

Methods we use:

  • non-equilibrium field theory path integrals and Green functions
  • stochastic phase space methods
  • quantum optics methods: Master equations, quantum jumps, stochastic Schrödinger equations

Dynamics of vortex pair annihilation in an exciton-polariton condensate.