Slides from some recent talks and lectures

UK Meeting on Superconducting Quantum Devices (SQD17), Lancaster (September 2017)

SIG Meeting in Quantum Fluids, “Driven-dissipative polariton quantum fluids in and out of equilibrium”, Manchester (June 2017)

Gareth Roberts Memorial Lecture, “Designing a world from light”, Newcastle University (January 2017)

Talk given at the workshop “Quantum Phase Transitions in Nuclei and Many-Body Systems (QPTn 2016)”, Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic (June 2016)

Talk given at the workshop “Quantum Optics in Coherent Artificial Systems”, Southampton, UK (December 2015)

Talk given at the KITP Program “Many-Body Physics with Light” at the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics, California, US (October 2015)

Talk given at the Summer Program “Condensed Matter Physics in the City” (June 2013)

Talk given at the ESF Exploratory Workshop: “Polaritonics: From Basic Research to Device Applications” (March 2012)

Lectures given at the Université Libre de Bruxelles (March 2011)

Lectures given at the The 5th Windsor Summer School “Quantum Phenomena in Low-Dimensional Materials and Nanostructures” (August 2010)

Talk given at the conference “Nonequilibrium quantum many-particle systems”, Stellenbosh, South Africa (September 2010)